The specialized, 360° event-planning consultancy and production agency committed to a CSR* and PSR** approach!

*CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility **PSR: Personal Social Responsibility


A committed and responsible agency specialized in organizing events with a strong social & societal impact !

Engagevent ensures the union between commitment and event organizing. We believe that each person has a societal responsibility and constructive role to play in the world we live in and that only by acting together can we transform it for the better. Our organization’s objective is to accompany you in all of the events you organize, whatever their nature, whether you are a company or a private individual, by enabling you to commit to a good cause of your choice.
We express our commitment through our availability, expertise, professionalism and attentiveness to your needs. We will help you realize a high quality event that will meet and surpass your expectations. Meeting challenges and surprising you are part of our DNA!
Become a changemaker and shape the world of tomorrow!

Our concept

Make your event a commitment!

You too can act and commit to a more just and responsible social model. Engagevent proposes to advise and accompany you in the organization of your events, be they face-to-face or virtual, for private individuals or for firms. Choose Your Cause, your commitment will be ours as well ! Our agency is committed to supporting every association / non-profit organization, French or international, that shares its values. For every event that is organized, Engagevent will donate 5% of its fees to the cause you wish to represent and defend! Become the benefactor of one or several associations / non-profit organizations and we will transform your event into a commitment!
How to work with Engagevent?

Choose Your event

Select The theme(s) you are interested in and the association(s) / non-profit organizations you wish to support

Make A financial contribution, in your name, through Engagevent

Determine The type of complementary financial contribution (optional)

Enjoy Your Event

Our action is unique. Open up the real of possibilities!

Our vision

« The human experience » at the heart of strategy. Create the exceptional so you can experience the unforgettable!

Our commitment

Accompanying firms and private individuals in their projects of social transformation. Our CSR policy is the cornerstone of our agency!

Our values

Respect, fairness, solidarity, goodwill…are at the heart of our preoccupations along with the human values and principles that motivate our agency!

Create an event with Engagevent:


your brand from the competition by gaining your clients’ trust and increasing their loyalty


the type of contribution (material, human or financial resources) you would like to make


your team members


French and international associations without any additional financial contribution


your brand image and reinforce your CSR / PSR capital

Get involved

with an association / non-profit organization of your choice and experience authentic moments
Be an active part of Engagevent’s approach to solidarity!

You are an association / a non-profit organization:

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You wish to organize an event:

We are here for you!

Offer yourself moments of unforgettable emotions thanks to our network of high quality partners for a unique event!
Offer yourself moments of unforgettable emotions thanks to our network of high quality partners for a unique event! !
Vibrate through our events by putting forward your universe whether it is artistic, musical, sporting…

Our events

Specialized Events

Specialized Events (Automobile / Medical / Sports / Politics…)

Incentive and in-house Corporate Events

Team Building
Incentive Trips
Company Days / Soirées
Company anniversary
New Year’s Speech
Awards ceremonies
Experiential Events 

Customer Events

VIP Events
Special day or evening event for clients
Afterwork gatherings

Corporate Events

Seminars / Meetings / Conferences
Congresses / Exhibitions / Trade Fairs
Ceremonies and celebrations
Product launchings
Press conferences
Open House and Inaugurations 

Private events

Birthdays and Anniversaries
Bar mitzvahs and Bat mitzvahs
Family celebrations
Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties

Virtual / Hybrid
Live truck

Live Truck Tour – mobile studios

Virtual / Hybrid
Mixed events

Virtual reality weddings
Participatory video clips
Virtual Escape Games 

Virtual / Hybrid
Live experience

Virtual spaces
360° customized products
Virtual cafés 
Interdimensional gate

Virtual / Hybrid
Live Brand Experience

Afterwork, virtual dinners / cocktails
Virtual photo booths
Virtual reality headsets
Augmented reality goodies
Live MasterClasses
Virtual Escape Games
Virtual Team Building 

Virtual / Hybrid
Liveshow corporate

Format web TV/web radio
Conférences et tables rondes en multiplex
Contenus animés

Virtual / Hybrid
Virtual events

Blind test live
Jeux télévisés en ligne
Chasse au trésor en réalité augmentée
Cours virtuels (cuisine, sport, musique…)
Salles d’arcade virtuelles
VR on the Road (Réalité Virtuelle à la maison)

Prestige operations

Colloques VIP
Crémaillères VIP

Sponsoring sports or charity operations

Organization of tournaments, competitions and sports challenges

Sponsoring cultural operations


Press relations with the media

Press trip
Press interviews
Press conference
Press breakfast/ lunch

Virtual / Hybrid
Representations of public figures

Représentation de célébrités & influenceurs pour tous types d’animations et d’événements publics ou privés
Cook show

You wish to organize an event: we are here for you!

Our agency is committed to ensuring you live a unique human experience!

Get involved!

Committed to a 360° CSR and PSR approach, choose the the theme(s) that you wish to represent by supporting one or several associations / non-profit organizations through your event!
361 Bonus engagevent* *Dons reversés à l’association. 1 bonus = 1€

Our testimonials

Engagevent is the concretization of my commitment to others and my passion for events. With 10 years of experience in the sector, I wanted to give meaning to my activity and I decided to donate part of my fees to French and international associations, referenced within 10 social themes that are dear to me. For each event organized, our clients have the possibility to support one or several associations without impacting their budget! Engagevent is much more than an event production agency, it is also a community of committed people who work every day in the same direction to make this world a better place! Humanity is at the center of our events and actions! Join the adventure and call on Engagevent!
Thank you to Yosra for her seriousness and her rigor. She organized a team building that motivated my teams and strengthened the bonds between us. Everyone loved it! We kept a lot of memories in our heads! The activities were fun, varied and original. We had a great time while looking at the long-term vision we had for our company. The human being is, I can confirm it, at the center of its events!
Engagevent has been our partner for the organization of several shows. Yosra brought many fresh and original ideas and definitely contributed to a better visibility on each event.