Privacy policy

ENGAGEVENT attaches great importance to the protection of your privacy.

Our privacy policy describes how and why we process your personal data and provides you with information about your rights.

The Policy applies only to personal data collected via our website


Who is the controller of your personal data?

The controller is the company ENGAGEVENT, Société par actions simplifiée (Single Shareholder Company) with a share capital of 2000 euros, having its registered office at 14 place Olomouc, 92160 – Antony and registered in the Trade and Companies Register of Nanterre under the number B 904 823 416.

Email address: Phone number: 06 75 20 63 90

ENGAGEVENT ensures that its processing of personal data is lawful, justified by a valid legal basis and that the data is kept for a reasonable period of time and necessary for the operations for which they were collected, in compliance with the legislation in force and taking into account the limitation periods.


What personal data do we process? For what purpose? On what legal basis? For how long?


Types of data Goals Legal basis Maximum shelf life
Name, first name, email address, phone number, free text area Answer when you contact us via the contact form Consent The time to answer you
Name, first name, postal address

Data concerning the request and the response

Copy of an identity document only in case of doubt

Management of requests for access, rectification, opposition and your other rights under the European Regulation Legal obligation The time needed to process the request

Copy of identity document: deleted after verification of the applicant’s identity


Regarding Cookies

The site uses cookies. During your visits, utility cookies, solely dedicated to the proper functioning of the website, may be automatically installed on your browser.

Some cookies are necessary and must always be active to ensure the proper functioning of our site.

Other cookies (personalization, audience measurement, advertising, etc.) are deposited only after obtaining your specific consent. Rejecting these cookies may affect your navigation on our site and the way we interact with you.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer, smartphone, tablet or other device when you visit a website.

The cookie helps us recognize your device the next time you visit our website. There are other similar technologies such as pixel tags (transparent graphic images placed on a web page or in an email that indicate that a page or email has been viewed), web bugs (similar to pixel tags), and web storage, which are used in desktop software or mobile devices. There are also technologies such as mobile device identifiers and SDK integrations to help companies recognize your device when you return to an app or otherwise use a service.


What cookies are present on our sites?

We do not use cookies that store sensitive personal data.

To find out which cookies are present on our site and to change your preferences at any time, we invite you to visit the “Customize Cookies” page at the bottom of each page of the site or via the following link: insert link to cookie customization page.


Third-party cookies:

The issuance and use of cookies by third parties is subject to the privacy policies of those third parties. Cookies are used by third parties such as audiovisual services, social media buttons, advertising, user experience services, services that link browsing our sites to promotional emailings or access statistics.


The presence of third-party cookies can be :

  • Because of third-party applications integrated into our site
    • We may include on our site/application, computer applications from third parties, which allow you to share content from our site with other people or to let these other people know your consultation or your opinion concerning a content of our site/application. This is notably the case of the “Share” and “Like” buttons from social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and YouTube.
    • The social network providing such an application button is likely to identify you thanks to this button, even if you did not use this button during your consultation of our site/application. Indeed, this type of application button can allow the social network concerned to follow your navigation on our site, simply because your account with the social network concerned was activated on your terminal (open session) during your navigation on our site.
    • We have no control over the process used by social networks to collect information about your browsing on our site and associated with the personal data they hold. We invite you to consult the privacy policies of these social networks in order to learn about the purposes of use, including advertising, of the browsing information they may collect through these application buttons. These protection policies must allow you to exercise your choices and rights with these social networks, in particular by setting up your accounts for each of these networks.


Link to different privacy policies:


Via third-party content displayed in our advertising spaces

The advertising content may contain cookies issued by third parties: either the advertiser at the origin of the advertising content in question, or a company outside the advertiser (communication consulting agency, audience measurement company, targeted advertising provider, etc.), which has associated a cookie with the advertising content of an advertiser.
Where applicable, the cookies issued by these third parties may allow them, during the period of validity of these cookies:

# to count the number of displays of advertising content disseminated via our advertising spaces, to identify the advertisements thus displayed, the number of users who clicked on each advertisement, allowing them to calculate the sums due as a result and to establish statistics,

# to recognize your terminal during its subsequent navigation on any other site or service on which these advertisers or these third parties also issue cookies and, if necessary, to adapt these sites and third party services or the advertisements they broadcast, to the navigation of your terminal of which they may have knowledge.


By an external advertising agency using our advertising space

The advertising spaces on our site may be operated by one or more external advertising agencies and, where applicable, may contain cookies issued by one of them. Where applicable, the cookies issued by these external advertising agencies allow them, during the period of validity of these cookies:

# to count the total number of advertisements displayed by them on our advertising spaces, to identify these advertisements, their respective number of displays, the number of users who clicked on each advertisement and, where applicable, the subsequent actions carried out by these users on the pages to which these advertisements lead, in order to calculate the sums owed to the players in the advertising distribution chain (advertiser, communication agency, advertising agency, distribution site/support) and to draw up statistics,

# to adapt the advertising spaces they operate to the display preferences of your terminal (language used, display resolution, operating system used, etc.), according to the hardware and software for viewing or reading that your terminal has,

# to adapt the advertising content displayed on your terminal via our advertising spaces according to the navigation of your terminal on our site,

# to adapt the advertising content displayed on your terminal via our advertising spaces according to your terminal’s previous or subsequent browsing on third-party sites where the advertising company concerned also issues cookies, provided that these cookies have been saved on your terminal in accordance with the choices you have made with regard to this advertising company,

# to adapt the advertising content displayed on your terminal via our advertising spaces according to the location data (longitude and latitude) transmitted by your terminal with your prior consent

# to adapt the advertising content displayed on your terminal in our advertising spaces according to the personal data that you may have provided to this advertising agency.


Do we do any profiling with your personal data?

ENGAGEVENT does not make any automated decisions, including profiling, based on your personal data.


What are your rights and how can you exercise them?

As long as the processing is based on your consent, you may withdraw it at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of the processing carried out prior to such withdrawal.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation n°2016/679 of 27 April 2016, you have the following rights:

  • Right of access: the right to be informed and to request access to the personal data we process;
  • Right of rectification: the right to ask us to amend or update your personal data when it is inaccurate or incomplete;
  • Right to erasure: the right to ask us to permanently delete your personal data;
  • Right of limitation: the right to ask us to temporarily or permanently stop processing all or part of your personal data;
  • Right to object: the right to refuse at any time the processing of your personal data for personal reasons and the right to refuse the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes;
  • Right to data portability: the right to request a copy of your personal data in electronic format and the right to transmit such personal data for use by a third party service;
  • Right not to be subject to automated decision making: the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated decision making, including profiling, where the decision would have a legal effect on you or produce a similar significant effect.
  • Right to define the fate of your data post-mortem.


You also have the right to file a complaint with the CNIL

To exercise your rights with ENGAGEVENT, you can send a letter to the postal address 14 place Olomouc, 92160 – Antony or an e-mail to

Any request by mail or e-mail must bear your signature and specify the address to which the reply should be sent. In case of doubt, you may be asked to provide a photocopy of an identity document in order to follow up your request. A reply will be sent to you within one month of receipt of the request.


What security measures have we put in place to protect your personal data?

We are careful to preserve the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

We have implemented appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized use, accidental loss or partial or total destruction.

If you have any questions on this subject, please send a letter to the postal address 14 place Olomouc, 92160 – Antony or an e-mail to


Who else may have access to your personal data?

We transfer personal information to our affiliates and other trusted companies or persons who process it on our behalf, as we instruct, in accordance with this Privacy Policy and in compliance with any other appropriate security and confidentiality measures


Our subcontractors Reason for sharing

Thomas ROYER




Christophe FLEURY






Development of the website


IONOS Hébergement de données


Is your personal data transferred outside the European Union?

Your personal data may be transferred to and processed by third parties located outside the European Union such as our affiliates

In this case, we ensure that the transfer of your personal data is carried out in accordance with applicable law and in particular either that the destination territory has been the subject of an adequacy decision by the European Union Commission, or that the recipient has validated the standard contractual clauses validated by the European Commission and or that appropriate technical and organizational contractual arrangements have been put in place.

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Update date: 11/15/2021